Fibretronics Control System

Fibretronics Control System


Fibretronics is a design technique that connects modular components of an engraving system together via fibre optic cable. This provides a highly adaptable and remotely accessible system.

Remote Support is built into the structure of Fibretronics. The real time activity of data moving to and fro along the fibre optic cables can be monitored, and this data can then be remotely accessed via the engraving machine’s PC. This helps to reduce machine down time, onsite support costs, and the environmental impact of travel. 

The new Fibretronics control system also offers broader bandwidth, high noise immunity, and ease of connectivity. Fibretronics is also ideally suited to upgrades of old laser engraving machines as well as being at the heart of all new ALE laser engraving machine purchases.

Fibretronics External Interface


Fibretronics external interfaces are highly generic and configurable. This, therefore, makes it easier to upgrade older equipment with Fibretronics.

  • Encoder interfaces: Converts the output of linear and angular encoders to Fibretronic format.
  • Rotary Axis: Provides an interface to the rotary axis drive.
  • Linear Axis: Provides an interface to the linear axis drive.
  • Focus Axis: Provides an interface to the focus axis drive.
  • Control Panels: Provides the operator’s machine controls.
  • USB Interface: Links the Fibretronics control system to the engraving machine’s PC.
  • Data Logger: This interfaces Fibretronic Sensors (a list of available sensors can be found below) to the ALE Graph software and Data Logger.
  • Laser Console: This interfaces the laser beam delivery system’s sensors to the Fibretronics.
  • External interface: Is used to control external services, like water, Nitrogen, and status indicators.

Control System

See the control system diagram below. Click on the button to find out more about the external interfaces.

Fibretronic Sensors


The Data Logger interfaces Fibretronic Sensors to the ALE Graph software and provides additional functionality with an emphasis on remote diagnostics making use of the Fibretronic hardware’s data logging capabilities. A list of the Fibretronics sensors are as follows:

  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • Fluid Pressure Sensor
  • Vacuum Air Pressure Sensor
  • Nitrogen Flow Sensor
  • Water Flow Sensor
  • Mains Monitor
  • Clever scope Interface
  • Fibre Optic Signal Convertors (TX & RX) for sensors
  • Temperature Sensor Environment
  • Humidity Temperature Sensor
  • Air Pressure Sensor

PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.