High Performance Engraving Nozzle



A new nozzle has been developed by combining results from Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD) and physical testing.

The new high performance nozzle fits on existing MBF/MBL style nozzles. Its unique developed design has the following benefits:

  • Cleaner work area & roller surface
  • Eliminate nozzle debris build-up
  • Deeper engraving depth*
  • Increased quality of the engraving*

This work has paved the way for further improvements and developments in the future.

* Exact result will depend on the engraving type.

New Nozzle Design

The developed nozzle has been carefully designed to improve the airflow characteristics. It comes with 3 standard shroud sizes: Ø80, Ø220 & Ø600 mm. Each size is designed to provide optimal performance at that specific diameter. With the Snap-On/off design it makes switching shrouds simple and easy.

If required special diameter shrouds can be manufactured for anything that is nonstandard. The new design fits in the same form factor as the previous MBF/MBA/MBL nozzle.

*Exact design, colours and finishes are subject to change.

Enhanced Extraction Effectiveness


The primary initial focus of the redesign was to improve airflow utilisation and reduce turbulence. Using computational fluid dynamic simulations, the airflow paths, velocity’s, pressures, and many other parameters were compared. Allowing us to investigate what factors improved designs and how this can be used to refine the design.

This allowed us to quantify parameters and compare why certain designs have issues in specific areas.

See the above image for comparison.

Reduce Roller Surface Redeposition


Improved airflow and extraction effectiveness dramatically reduces the ablated material that is redeposited on the surface.

30 Pass Steel Engraving, no Cleaning Brush

Tri-Helical Ceramic, 6.5 LPI

Improved Engraving Quality


Improved Engraving Depth

An engraving depth increase of 8% was seen on a 30-pass steel engraving as shown. This means the same engraving can be completed quicker with a higher quality, saving cost & time.

PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.