Lasers & Beam Delivery

Multi Beam Laser Technology


ALE’s Beam Delivery Systems offer significant multifunctionality to our users. A single laser system if required can be utilized for direct metal, ceramic, and black polymeric engraving, giving the end user a wide abundance of applications.

Beam Delivery Systems are a combination of one to four lasers with beam steering, power modulation, and laser pulsing controls. Different types of lasers can be pulsed at different rates and different pulse durations. Pulse duration ranges from CW (continuous wave), meaning continuously on, to microsecond, nanosecond and/or picosecond. Laser pulsing rates start at a few KHz and go up to a few MHz. In addition to the pulsing performance of a laser the wavelength is of significance too. Typically ALE offer 10.6 microns, 1.06 microns and/or 0.5 microns wavelengths. Laser power per laser ranges from 50 watts up to 500 watts. To choose the right laser for a particular application it is necessary to arrange engraving trials, ALE can offer a commercial based laser evaluation service on a wide range of our lasers onsite.

Beam Delivery Systems

ALE manufacture three main types of Beam Delivery Systems: MBF, MBY and Pronto. The different systems offer different combinations of the number of lasers 1, 2, 3 or 4 and also the number of beams per laser, 1 to 16. This results in the maximum number of beams in a system.

Increasing the number of beams has two advantages. Firstly, increasing the number of beams decreases the roller rotational speed for any given productivity. This lowers the risk of vibration generated by the fast roller rotation and saves the costs and complexity of dynamic roller balancing systems.

The second advantage of multiple beams is that when engraving into metals, multiple low-powered beams provide better quality than fewer high-powered beams.

Multiple Laser Types

  • Thermal (CW only) – 200/300/500 watts
  • Harmony (combined CW/Short pulse operations) – 300/500 watts
  • CO2 lasers – 450 watts.

Multiple Laser Head Configurations


The range of ALE Laser Engraving Systems facilitate multiple laser configurations for incremental productivity increase. Take a look at our laser head configurations:

MBF Engraving Head

The MBF allows two types of lasers to be mounted on one machine, for example:

  • 1 x Green (532um) and 1 x Fiber (1um).
  • 1 x Co2 (10um) and 1 x Fiber (1um).
  • 1 x Short and 1x Ultra short pulse.

MBY Engraving Head

The MBY allows two lasers of the same type to simultaneously engrave at the same time. For example 2 x 500w lasers becomes a 1000w laser.

PRONTO Engraving Head

The Pronto Engraving Head allows up to 4 lasers with a total output of 1000 watts. For instance 4 x Harmony II Fibre Lasers could be integrated into the Pronto.

PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.