3D Scanning System


The ALE Omniscan 3D scanning system is used to scan textured materials so a digital 3D map of the material surface can be stored and used in the creative process of embossing pattern design. Data is stored as 16bit tiff data ready for manipulation by the graphic design department.

The Omniscan is available as a standalone flatbed XY system that can scan an area of 300mm x 300mm * (see below photo), or the Omniscan head can be fitted to an existing ALE engraving system as an upgrade for fast process rotary drum scanning (see below photo).

* Other sizes available on request.

Omniscan Flat Bed Scanner

Omniscan Main Menu

Omniscan 3D specification:

X/Y spot size ~30 microns
Speed 30,000 pixels per second
Z range 1.0 - 2.5mm depending on resolution
Z resolution 1 micron
Productivity ~0.1m2 per hour at 30um x 30um resolution at 30KHz
Output 16 bit Greyscale TIFF

Leather pattern mounted for scanning on drum based Omniscan3D system

If you require any further information about Omniscan 3D

Omniscan 3D Example Scans


Flower fabric decorative ribbon

Decorative fabric and glitter ribbon

PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.