ALE Manufactures a range of multipurpose, modular laser engraving systems.

Our multipurpose laser technology enables a single engraving system to produce a variety of functional topography products for a wide variety of end applications. Laser engraved functional topography can change many surface properties including mechanical, optical, and fluid dynamics. The depth of topography can be from a few microns to a few millimetres.

ALE laser engraving machines are modular in that they are made up of three component parts:

  • Hercules Machine Bed
  • Beam Delivery System
  • Fibretronics Control System

Each module can be purchased individually so as to upgrade an existing laser engraving machine. Alternatively, all three modules can be purchased collectively to make up a completely new ALE Engraving System.

ALE has a 30-year history of upgrades to its systems, ensuring continuity and system longevity. The first of our more than 350 worldwide systems is still in production, having been upgraded to Fibretronics compatibility in 2021.

In this modern world of environmental responsibility, it is better to recycle, reuse, or repurpose, rather than to always dispose of and replace with new. For example, a good quality machine bed will last 50 years. Standard motors, drives and encoders can also easily be reused because of the “open system” generic interfaces of the Fibretronics.

System longevity is also enhanced by our ever-expanding Extended Features catalogue. New Extended Features are regularly added because of product innovation and customer feedback. Most Extended Features can easily be added to an ALE system on a permanent or trial basis.

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Hercules Machine Bed

Lasers & Beam Delivery

Fibretronics Control System


Omniscan 3D

PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.