Simple Shapes Designer

New Software & Hardware


ALE have launched a suite of software and hardware to meet with the demands of geometric engraving. The software suite is made of three Geometric Graphic Generators. 

Custom Cell Designer (CCD)​

Twin Track Designer (TTD)​

Simple Shapes Designer (SSD)​

Extended Features

SSD Software

The above Geometric Generators (CCD, TTD, and SSD) interface to the Extended Features modes of:

  • Cobra Engraving Mode
  • Xcell Engraving Mode
  • Local Laminar Engraving Mode
  • Multi Pass Engraving Mode
  • Multi Beam Engraving Mode
  • Multi Hit Engraving Mode

Simple Shapes Designer

SSD Software

Simple Shapes Designer (SSD) is a program that allows you to create a unique artwork made up of various shapes. The user has full control on the placement, orientation, and size of these shapes, in a defined and repeatable area that is also set by the user.

This allows for a seamless artwork that can be engraved using your ALE laser engraving machine. With this new software we can engrave very coarse patterns down to as low as 6.5LPI/2.5LCM, please find some of these examples below.



PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.