Fibretronics Extended Features and Apps

Extended Features


Like the pre-existing Legacy hardware there are Extended Features/Apps available. All the original standard Extended Features are still available with the Fibretronic hardware. However there will be new Apps exclusive to a Fibretronic system.

The new Fibretronic Apps will incorporate hardware and software that facilitate additional functionality but with an emphasis on remote diagnostics making use of the Fibretronic hardware’s data logging capabilities.

New Fibretronic Apps

Scroll through the 8 different Fibretronic app integrations below. (NOTE: IMAGES WILL CHANGE)

ALF (Advanced Linear Feedback)​
The first of the Fibretronic only Apps. This uses new hardware and software algorithms to significantly improve the performance of the linear axis control servo. The Linear Axis Error Monitor (LAEM) is of much greater resolution capturing the minimum and maximum data errors.
Day/Night App​
This allows four relays to be open/closed during the Night/Day. For instance after the day shift is over and the machine is finished engraving you can automatically program the water chiller, laser, and engraving machine to turn off saving overheads like electricity, and gas etc. Each service can be switched off sequentially.
Air Pressure App
This allows the use of an electronic air pressure regulator to monitor air flow electronically preventing air flow problems. It also shows the air pressure as a paramater in the engraving job so this parameter can be saved in the job file.
Data Logger App
This is a general purpose data logger for customer use. This allows up to 16 transducers per laser including water flow, air flow, shutter etc.
Laser Dial Gauge (LDG)
App This interfaces to a laser dial gauge (LDG) replacing the old mechanical clock tip. It will be extremely beneficial to calibrate depth for embossing jobs and it can also be used to measure the profile of the cylinder to make sure it is conical. Auto depth calibration, works in conjunction with the LDG so as to automatically adjust a graphic in order to obtain engraving depth linearisation.
Join & Blend App
This uses new hardware and clever software algorithms to Join and Blend together the two ends of a Graphic, so as to prevent a join line being visible on an engraved roller.
Clever Scope App
This gives remote control of inputs to the Clever Scope looking at various test points and up to 4 channels.
Duet App
This allows two separate graphic channels to independently control laser beam intensity and laser beam power respectively. These controls can be used to improve the flatness of the bottom of the engraving. The Duet engraving mode can also be used to selectively engrave Vector Mode Engravings. Selective engraving we normally refer to as "Patched”. So, now you can engrave Patched Cobra, as well as variable depth Cobra. Similarly Xcell can be Patched or variable depth Xcell. Some engravings use a Beam Vector to link neighbouring cells, via a channel. Duet engraving make theses Channeled Linked Cells much easier to achieve.
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PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.