The Shape Of Things To Come

For around forty years laser engraved ceramic Anilox rollers have been used by the flexographic printing industry. The transition from mechanically engraved Anilox rollers to laser engraved Anilox rollers was slow at first, but now the use of laser engraved ceramic Anilox rollers is ubiquitous. However, the use of laser engraved ceramics as coating and applicator rolls has been a much slower affair. To date, the main problem with high volume ceramic applicator engravings is that the ceramic flows and therefore makes a messy engraving. Now because of the introduction of new laser engraving technology, the shape of things to come is quite different!

Harmony 2

ALE introduces the ‘Harmony 2’ engraving technology with high bandwidth pulsing capabilities combined with increased pulse energy options for processing a wider range of materials

PRONTO Platform

ALE introduces its new Pronto 4 Laser Platform a revolutionary world’s first. This new laser technology is targeted at the graphical engraving market for the printing and embossing industries. Productivity will be vastly improved with 4 lasers capable of engraving simultaneously into a single focusing lens. This means all lasers end up at the same position and focus on the roller being engraved.

PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.