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New PRONTO 4 Laser Platform

ALE introduces its new Pronto 4 Laser Platform, a revolutionary world’s first. This new laser technology is targeted at the graphical engraving market for the printing and embossing industries. Productivity will be vastly improved with 4 lasers capable of engraving simultaneously into a single focusing lens. This means all lasers end up at the same position and focus on the roller being engraved.

On the platform, we can supply a range of laser wavelengths in a choice of laser pulse durations covering: microsecond, nanosecond, and picosecond. Each individual laser can be supplied with optical output powers from 50 to 500 watts. Materials processed on the one system consist of black polymerics, ceramics, and metals. This gives the user an abundance of application options including Security, Optical Film, Gravure, Embossing, Anilox, and Flexo to name a few.

The Pronto 4 Laser platform can either be purchased as a whole ALE system including machine bed, headstock, tailstock etc, or it can be mounted to a pre-existing precision machine bed e.g. a diamond turning machine, or an existing laser engraving machine requiring an upgrade. The ALE platform that is mounted will include a laser system, engraving head, control system, software and electronics. A headstock and tailstock for mounting cylinders and sleeves for engraving can also be included if required.

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PC and External Interfaces

Below are the PC and External Interfaces from the Control System Diagram. Click on the images below to view them in more detail.